“Always a great experience. Feel so much better.”

~Monique S (Raleigh)

“No pain after!”

~Alden D (Morrisville)

“Dr. Burkley was amazing and helped relieve my shoulder pain. He even showed me some exercises to help keep my shoulder pain free”

~Derrick G (Durham)

“I always feel so much better when I leave and for weeks after”

~Jean B (Wake Forest)

“Ever since I started coming I noticed a big difference in my running, daily energy, and sleep pattern.”

~Titus T (Raleigh)

“Regular care has up feeling better than ever. Great care and service”

~Dan G (Raleigh)

“My back and knee problems have been greatly reduced”

~Laura G (Raleigh)

“Dr. Burkley was able to bring relief to my sinuses that have been blocked for two weeks, also to my leg and back. He is awesome and cares for his patients.”

~Sylvia W (Durham)

“I love how he stretched me out along with everything else”

~Casey G

“Wonderful Chiro who took the time to thoroughly stretch and manipulate my back and neck to relieve my pain. Thanks so much!”

~Sandy G (Raleigh)

“Dr. Burkley was excellent”

~Ellen M (Raleigh)

“I have seen a chiropractor for many years primarily for neck and low back pain. My chiropractor retired and referred me to Dr. Burkley.  I was very worried about seeing someone different but with my chronic problems decided to see Dr. Burkley and if I wasn’t satisfied could change.  After my first visit I was hooked!  He did a thorough examination, reviewed all of my old x-rays and listened to what I told him.  He took time with me and my treatment.  I felt like he treated my whole body and used techniques that were different and very helpful. He also explained things that were helpful in understanding my specific problems and things I could do to help in addition to his treatments.  I’ve only been with him for a short time and I have already noticed a big difference. He is great and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of neck and back problems.”

         Julia S.

“I have been treated by Doc Brandon for several sessions and he has helped my problem very much.  He has helped me so much and I feel much better and I thank him for the help.”

       Donald C.

“Best doctor I’ve seen to date.”

      Stefanie H.

“Dr. Burkley is phenomenal. I leave my adjustments feeling like a new person. His knowledge of pressure points and human anatomy coupled with his experience as a chiropractor makes him a life-necessity..”

       A.J. H.

“Dr. Burkley is awesome! Best chiropractor I’ve seen Really fixed the problem.”

      Isaac J.

“I came in to see Dr. Burkley with extreme tightness in my low back, hips and shoulder. Despite being very busy, Dr. Burkley took his time with me and he was able to get me moving again. I felt an immediate difference after my adjustment. Great  job!”

      Mike D.

“Dr. Burkley tailored care to target all my issues.  He made me feel that I was being taken care of and that my needs were met.”

     Eric K.

“Thorough, take time to get the adjustment right and take care of the patient, not just try to work through the time.”

     Justin M.

“Dr. Burkley did a fantastic job in adjusting me today.  I was able to get movement on my left side.  Awesome place to go!”

     Sylvia W.

“Dr. Burkley helped relieve the pain in my back with some stretching movements and a complete adjustment.  I came in bent over.  I’m leaving walking tall!”

     Jack M.

“Dr. Burkley was thorough and he took his time helping to relieve a severe headache. My pain level was 8/10 upon arrival and 4/10 after my adjustment.”

     Elise V.

“Dr. Burkley performed new adjustments on me that were new to me to target my lower back and ankles as well as some knots on my neck, instantly felt relief in pressure.”

     Angel T.

“I came in complaining about severe headache.  Dr. Burkley performed a thorough examination and a really good adjustment of the neck and back.  My headaches were gone when I walked out of here. 100% recommended.  Thanks Dr. Burkley!”

     Tejal B.

“Dr. Burkley did an exam and taught me stretches during the adjustment appointment.”

     Chris B.

“You should never live with aches and pains.  I feel great!”

     Nathan S.